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Brand Luggage Repair – How To Deal With Branded Luggage ?

It is very likely that travel trips sometimes may be tiring not only for you but for your luggage too. The damage that is cause to the luggage during the trips and the way it occupies in such a cramped condition is commendable. But sometimes, it just falls apart. Yes, most of have must have faced this situation when your luggage falls apart during your trip. Under these circumstances, you do not have to panic. We have some amazing tips that can help you with the same.

Brand Luggage That Falls Apart During Your Trip

One of the common issues with branded luggage bags is the metal zipper. It usually gets stuck and is very hard to clean. There are certain basic tips to handle your zip issues of your luggage bag. For instance, applying or rubbing wax on both the sides may help solve the issues with zip getting stuck.

For serious bag damages, you may have to consult a professional to get it fixed.  Minor changes are possible to treat by yourself but do not take a risk of traveling with a damaged bag. It would also be wise to take the bag to your manufacturer and check for any replacement on the repair parts. Most branded companies provide lifetime warranty and free repair on damaged products.

The challenge sometimes that you may face with luggage brands repair professional is when you plan an overseas trip. You can obviously not carry the professional along with you. The best option is to reach the customer service desk of your manufacturer from their website and explain them the issue with your bag. They should be able to guide you with any nearest branch and help you on the repair or replacement.

One more concern that tourists often share is to send the bag for repair especially when you carry the items inside. At the same time, you cannot avoid the repairing of the bag. You may either get down to a nearby local store or share your brand luggage items.

Look at the bright side, if you luggage falls apart the manufacturer of a good brand doesn’t charge you much for the repair work. However, if you are over the warranty, you may have to bear the cost of the repair. However, the cost is nominal.

Situations when your brand luggage is at risk of falling apart:

  1. Your luggage bag must have got scratched. Some staff members manhandle the bags in the cockpit and thus the situation. The solution is to get a protective cover.
  2. It is likely that some of the busiest airports have higher risks of misplacing your luggage bags. Always attach your name on the luggage bag to ensure that it is easy to trace.
  3. Another irritation is that your bag is likely to get dirty in the luggage compartment. Always choose a luggage wrapper to ensure that your bag is handed over to you in a neat and tidy manner.

Check out all the details before you go for the luggage repair.



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